i was on my way to work, when i stopped at KL Sentral to get some grubs.

i was feeling grumpy with some nagging pain in my neck and i was bemoaning some suntan i got from swimming at 12 noon on the sunday before (don’t ask…my husband was adamant i get in the pool so that i dont forget my lessons..i am not able to swim yet heh)

and then i saw them.


I saw a couple of blind man and woman, holding each other and a walking stick in their hands, walking in the crowd and they are smiling!!

i felt like crying immediately. where was my gratitude and manners towards Allah? why am i grumpy and not smiling like them?

honestly, i don’t deserve everything i have now..i am so ungrateful i still feel i am entitled to this and that, i am such a loser. astaghfirullahilazeem


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