beep beep boop


it has been an exhausting past few months – this job i mean, i think i visibly aged 10 years from when i started, last august. hmm. seriously! all the driving to meetings, frowning which came with the thinking part (i had to think a little bit more than before, since it’s a new job in a different field) the daily commute which took hours of my life!
so, i have decided to throw in the towel. No, i am not resigning i just asked for a transfer. the people at work are so nice, i dont have the heart to leave.

anyways, tonight, i want to list the adjectives mr poet Z threw at me this past few weeks. He called me a shallow muslimah. He used to call me childish. and he told me he is stressed by the way i live my life, which took me by surprise really. oh dear. i hate to make people stressed.


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